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The Ordination and Installation Form

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  • At least two elders must be elected to the Administrative Commission and may be used in the service:
  • If any of the above are not members of the Presbytery, list their names below along with their presbyteries, or the particular judicatory if they are from another denomination, and request that they be invited to participate in the service as indicated.

  • - A Commission is to be composed of not fewer than five members, with not more than one of its elder commissioners from one of its constituent churches.
    - A Commission is to be composed of ministers and elders in numbers as nearly equal as possible. If the Commission consists of an odd number of members, the additional member may be either an elder or a minister.
    - As a courtesy, the Moderator of the Presbytery is ordinarily asked to be a member of the Commission and to act as Moderator of the Commission, asking the constitutional questions.
    - If the Moderator of the Presbytery is not a member of the Commission, the Presbytery may elect one of the Commission members to serve as Moderator.
    - The person to be ordained or installed may invite additional ministers or elders from the Presbytery and from other presbyteries or denominations to assist in the service. These persons may be seated as Corresponding Members of the Commission.
    - If additional persons are invited to participate in leadership of the ordination or installation service, a majority of those taking part in the leadership must be members of the Commission.
    - It is not absolutely necessary that every member of the Commission participate in the service, but a majority must participate, and it is a courtesy to give each member a part in the service.
  • Also to be noted: It is a practice of the presbytery to receive an offering at ordinations or installations of ministers, the receipts of which go into the Swan Fund. Currently, each inquirer or candidate of the presbytery receives a small gift each year to help with various educational expenses, and when special need arise, further assistance is provided.