Living Legacy Fund

The Presbytery of Des Moines established the Living Legacy Fund to empower and support the congregations of the Presbytery as they labor in God’s mission and witness to God’s grace in Jesus Christ. The Living Legacy Fund is built upon the proceeds of the sale of church properties within the Presbytery and with donations directly to the Fund.

The Living Legacy Committee oversees the assets of the fund and is responsible for awarding grants according to the Living Legacy Fund Policy. Applications for grants are made available in September; and applications are due by mid-October.

Grants from the Living Legacy Fund

Congregational Revitalization Grants
15% of the annual allocation is available for grants for congregational revitalization. These grants will be made in consultation with the Commission on Ministry and are intended to enable and support initiatives toward congregational growth and vitality. Accordingly, these grants cannot be used for property repair or payment of loans and are not intended for cases in which long-term financial support is needed. Congregational Revitalization Grant Application

Leadership Development Grants
10% of the annual allocation is available for grants for leadership development. Teaching elders and ruling elders pursuing ministry-related continuing education or theological education may apply for grants. (Seminary students should contact  the Committee on Preparation for Ministry for grants.) Leadership Development Grants Application

Mission Grants
10% of the annual allocation is available for grants for churches or committees of the presbytery to be used for mission activities or mission trips. Mission Grant Application

Youth Ministries
15% of the annual allocation is designated for the camping and youth ministries of the presbytery.

New Worshiping Communities
50% of the annual allocation is allocated for establishing new worshiping communities under the guidance of the New Worshiping Communities Committee of the Presbytery.