Committee on Sexual Misconduct Response
Class Name Status/Church Phone Email
2023 (1) TE Ray McCalla At-Large 712-250-1607 CONTACT EMAIL
2024 (1) RE Lola Peters Ankeny 515-249-9182 CONTACT EMAIL
2024 (1) TE Marcy Campbell HR 515-418-4859 CONTACT EMAIL
2025 (1) RE Rebecca O’Connell Johnston St. Paul 515-257-3022 CONTACT EMAIL
2025 (2) TE Jack DePond HR 641-442-6019 CONTACT EMAIL
Staff TE Annika Lister Stroope Stated Clerk 402-942-1636 CONTACT EMAIL

13.14.1. The Committee shall follow the guidelines as set out in the Sexual Misconduct Policy of the Presbytery in accordance to the Presbyterian Church (USA).

13.14.2. Members to the Committee on Sexual Misconduct shall be nominated by the Presbytery’s Nominating Committee to the Presbytery for election. The Moderator shall be nominated by the Committee on Nominating.

13.14.3. The Committee of seven members will serve in terms of three years rotation. Four members of this team are to be women. One of the team members must be a legal consultant, one a trained mental health professional and one an insurance consultant.

13.14.4. The Committee will work with and be available to the accuser, the accused, the alleged victim (if not the same person as the accuser), the families involved, the congregation, co-workers of the parties involved and the governing body or entity.

13.14.5. The Committee shall report to the Stated Clerk unless the accused is the Stated Clerk. In such cases the committee will report to either the Mission Executive or Pastor to the Presbyteries.