Committee on Representation
Class Name Status/Church Phone Email
2021 TE Cynthia Rippergerm Moderator Creston, First 712-539-1138 Contact Email
2021 RE Kathy Smith Des Moines, First 515-669-4307 Contact Email
2022 RE Lora Ashby Centerville, First 641-436-1105 Contact Email


13.4. Committee on Representation

13.4.1. The Committee on Representation consists of 3 persons: ministers of the Word and Sacrament, ruling elders, and other church members representing the broad theological, cultural, racial, geographical, and generational diversity of the Presbytery as stated in the Book of Order G-3.0103.

13.4.2. The Committee is responsible for the implementation of the Presbytery’s commitment to inclusiveness, diversity, and representation as specified in G3.0103 and F-1.0403.

13.4.3. The Committee advises the Committee on Nominating concerning diversity in leadership.

13.4.4. A permanent file of racial/ethnic and handicapped members in the churches shall be made. Identifying information concerning racial/ethnic and handicapped church members shall be obtained in so far as possible from the Annual Statistical Report filled out by churches.

13.4.5. When a racial/ethnic or handicapped person joins a church during the year, the church is requested to supply pertinent information regarding that person within a month to the Committee on Representation either through the moderator of the Committee on Representation or to the Presbytery Stated Clerk.

13.4.6. There shall be at least one meeting as early as possible in the calendar year.