Committee on Property
Class Name Status/Church Phone Email


RE Jeff Egge

Des Moines Central

612-807-4320 CONTACT EMAIL


TE Ann Johnson

Knoxville First & Monroe

641-330-0441 CONTACT EMAIL


RE Julie Will (Realtor)

Des Moines Central

515-314-2070 CONTACT EMAIL


RE Jerry Foley

Johnston St. Paul

515-988-0474 CONTACT EMAIL


TE Lynne Hanna

Perry First




RE Gary Owen




LC Liaison

RE David Boyd

Des Moines Central



TE Bill Ekhardt

Des Moines Westminster



TE Annika Lister Stroope

Administrative Executive 402-942-1636 CONTACT EMAIL

13.11.1. The Committee on Property consists of 6 members with ruling elders and ministers of the Word and Sacrament. Ex-officio member with voice and without vote include the Administrative Executive. The Moderator will be nominated by the Committee on Nominating.

13.11.2. The Committee implements the responsibilities of the Presbytery concerning property as specified in the Book of Order (G-4.02) including the property trust clause in G-4.0203.

13.11.3. The Committee is authorized to approve loan requests from congregations considering their overall financial health and after consultation with the Commission on Ministry. Requests over $100,000 need the additional approval of the Presbytery.

13.11.4. The Committee is authorized to recommend renewals or extensions of existing congregational loans with the same lender unless there is a substantial change in the loan or the liability of the Presbytery for that loan. If so, the additional approval of the Presbytery is required.

13.11.5. Subject to the guidance of the Presbytery, the Committee is authorized to negotiate for the acquisition, lease (including mineral leases), granting of easements, sale of timber, sale or other disposition of property owned by the Presbytery, and do all things reasonably necessary to accomplish any transaction directed by the Presbytery.

13.11.6. The Committee receives title to property on behalf of the Presbytery when a congregation is dissolved, when property is donated to the Presbytery, or whenever property of a congregation ceases to be used for the ministry of a congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA) in accordance with G-4.0204 and G-4.0205.

13.11.7. Subject to the guidance of the Leadership Council, the Committee is authorized to acquire, manage, supervise, and protect property owned by the Presbytery by taking necessary actions to provide for insurance, maintenance, repairs, payment of taxes, and satisfaction of other obligations.

13.11.8. Subject to the guidance of the Presbytery, the Committee is authorized to dispose of property owned by the Presbytery (sale, investment, or use of the property for another purpose). However, if the property was used for worship purposes, the Committee will recommend, and the Presbytery will decide on the disposition of the property.

13.11.9. The Committee provides consultation, advice, and resources to congregations concerning property transactions, including acquisitions, transfers, and financing options.

13.11.10. The Committee assists congregations with their responsibilities concerning property, and the Committee is authorized to respond on behalf of the Presbytery concerning congregations selling, purchasing, mortgaging, or leasing property as specified in G-4.0206 and G-4.0208.

13.11.11. The Committee shall report quarterly to the Leadership Council and Presbytery concerning new loan approvals, any financial implications, and the status of all property owned by the Presbytery including all expenses incurred.