Committee on Presbytery Worship
Class Name Status/Church Phone Email


TE Cindy Ray

Windsor Heights Windsor

515-334-7231 CONTACT EMAIL


RE Carolyn Rogers

Dallas Center First 515-979-4966 CONTACT EMAIL


TE Sue Tomlinson Ankeny 515-257-07414 CONTACT EMAIL


TE Don Elly


515-419-1527 CONTACT EMAIL


RE Larry Smith

Des Moines Union Park



Ex Officio

RE Linda Curtis-Stolper

Presbytery Moderator

641-840-2417 CONTACT EMAIL

Ex Officio


13.12.1. The Committee on Presbytery Worship consists of five members, including the moderator. Other persons may be asked to participate in the worship of the Presbytery. The moderator and vice moderator of the presbytery are ex-officio members of the committee.

13.12.2. The main work of the Committee on Presbytery Worship is to plan and carry out worship for the Stated Meetings of the Presbytery. The Presbytery authorizes the observance of the Lord’s Supper at each Presbytery worship. Themes for worship may be developed by the committee or suggested by Presbytery entities or members. Either at the end of the November Presbytery meeting or during worship at the February Presbytery meeting, the officers of the Presbytery will be installed as necessary and committee moderators will be commissioned.

13.12.3. Specific tasks in planning for Presbytery worship:

  • Develop theme,
  • Develop liturgy,
  • Recruit leaders, including preacher and musicians,
  • Plan bulletin and coordinate printing of it.
  • Coordinate with the Pastor of the local congregation hosting the meeting.