Committee on New Church Development
Class Name Status/Church Phone Email
2023 (1) RE Jan Davison Des Moines, Westminster 515-277-0444 CONTACT EMAIL
2023 (1) TE Randy Lubbers HR 507-317-9814 CONTACT EMAIL
2024 (1) TE Ed Wegele   Mount Ayr, United Baptist 360-269-0545 CONTACT EMAIL
2024 (2) TE Eric Pasanchin Ankeny 515-964-0264 O CONTACT EMAIL
2025 (2) TE Bill O’Connell Johnston, St. Paul 515-257-3024 CONTACT EMAIL
2025 (2) RE James Anaal Des Moines, First Arabic 515-771-0557 CONTACT EMAIL
LC Liaison        
Staff RE Amgad Beblawi Mission Executive 502-592-3223 CONTACT EMAIL

13.5.1. The Committee on New Church Development consists of six members. A majority of the members must be ruling elders and ministers of the Word and Sacraments. The moderator of the committee will be nominated by the Committee on Nominating for a term of one year.

13.5.2. The Committee oversees and supports new church developments, fellowships, new worshiping communities, and other church partnerships by the Presbytery.

13.5.3. The Committee recommends to the Leadership Council the establishment of new church developments. All such recommendations must include a plan for financial support and ministry goals.

13.5.4. The Committee responsibilities include (1) supporting new church development pastors and Steering Committees, (2) guiding them in polity, process, evangelism, and congregational development, (3) helping them meet goals determined by the Presbytery concerning membership, ministry and funding, (4) receiving reports from them quarterly, and (5) evaluating them at least annually and (6) explore and recommend alternative forms of new church development.

13.5.5. The Committee reports annually to the Leadership Council on the status of each new church development with a recommendation concerning the next year of funding.