Committee on Camping and Youth Ministry
Class Name Status/Church Phone Email
2023 (1) RE Hannah Anderson Clive, Heartland 515-201-2915 CONTACT EMAIL
2023 (2) RE Laura Schieber  West Des Moines, Covenant 515-865-7419 CONTACT EMAIL
2024 (1) RE Leslie Mettler Des Moines, First 515-829-9089 CONTACT EMAIL
2025 (1) CRE Melanie Halferty Allerton United 641-344-2195 CONTACT EMAIL
2025 (1) RE Loren Smith Des Moines Union Park 515-490-2791 CONTACT EMAIL
LC Liaision        
Staff RE Amgad Beblawi Mission Executive 502-592-3223 CONTACT EMAIL

13.6.1. The Committee on Camping and Youth Ministry consists of 5 members with experience in youth ministry, at least two of whom shall be teaching elders or ruling elders.

13.6.2. The Committee provides for the nurture, faith development, and leadership skills of youth in the Presbytery, as well as the adults who work with youth. It is responsible for conducting programs, retreats, and events that affirm youth as children of God and enables and challenges youth to minister to others.

13.6.3. Responsibilities The Committee shall develop a program of scholarships, grants and registration waivers for participants in programs, retreats and events that
affirm youth. In addition, the committee will develop guidelines and an application process for these scholarships, grants and registrations waivers. Funds for these scholarships, grants and registrations waivers shall come from the budget for the committee and the Knox Knolls and Walther Funds
following the guidelines established by the Committee on Living Legacy Fund. The Committee shall implement programs for junior high/middle school youth, including but not limited to, events such as Triennium. The Committee shall provide a program of outdoor ministries for the youth in the Presbytery by setting dates and locations of the camping program, securing directors and counselors and selecting curriculum. The Committee shall train directors and counselors in the curriculum and child-safely policies. Background checks should be conducted on all staff and volunteers. The Committee shall initiate new and innovative youth programs. The Committee shall evaluate the camping program.