Committee on Budget and Finance
Class Name Status/Church Phone Email
2021 RE Bev Evans, Moderator Des Moines, Central 515-491-3985 Contact Email
2021 TE Bob Zirkelbach Adair, First 217-313-0597 Contact Email
2021 RE Ron Grohe Windsor Heights, Windsor 515-277-5785 H Contact Email
2022 RE Josh McKenna Windsor Heights, Windsor 641-820-0408 Contact Email
2023 RE Mark Kilian Clive, Heartland 515-205-0980 Contact Email
Living Legacy Fund Committee RE Jim Thompson Clive, Heartland 515-278-0579 H Contact Email

13.8.1. The Committee on Budget and Finance consists of 6 members: five at large members, including the moderator of the committee, and the moderator of the Living Legacy Fund Committee. Two members should have professional training or experience in accounting. The following are ex-officio members with voice but not vote: Administrative Executive (or appointee) and Treasurer.

13.8.2. The committee provides financial and budgetary oversight and guidance to the Presbytery. They shall provide assurance the financial resources of the Presbytery are managed in accordance with the vision and mission direction of the Presbytery. They are responsible for established policies and procedures under which sound financial management can be governed.

13.8.3. Responsibilities Receive budget requests, mission pledges, and per capita information. Coordinate with the Committee on Living Legacy Fund, Presbytery’s accountant and staff to monitor investments. Request, receive and recommend approval of the annual audit and submission Form 990. Review and make recommendations to the Leadership Council concerning insurance, tax issues, asset inventories, special offerings and funds, and other matters involving the expenditure of funds. All budget reports go to Leadership Council and are jointly presented to Presbytery.