Commission on Personnel
Class Name Status/Church Phone Email
2021 TE Shamaine Chambers King, Moderator Windsor Heights, Windsor 515-865-9927 Contact Email
2022 TE Ken Rummer HR 712-621-0097 Contact Email
2023 RE Mickey Van Baale Newton, First 641-521-0549 Contact Email

6.7.1. The presbytery authorizes the establishment of a shared personnel commission composed of three people from each participating presbytery in the Staffing Model. The three people from each presbytery shall be elected and commissioned for this service.

6.7.2. These participants will serve in rotating three-year terms. Participants can serve two terms or a maximum of six years before being required to rotate off the Commission.

6.7.3. Leadership of this commission will rotate among the presbyteries on an annual basis.

6.7.4. The Commission will report to each presbytery’s leadership council.

6.7.5. The Commission will be authorized and expected to have the following responsibilities: Develop a shared set of personnel policies that will guide the work and offer processes for the staff to use. Review and support the staff. Conduct initial six-month review of all staff members. Conduct annual review of all staff members for the first year. The Commission will receive the annual reviews of the full-time administrators from the Administration Executive in subsequent years. Mentor the staff, providing support, clarifying responsibilities and answering questions as needed. Discipline staff members as needed, following established policies for addressing issues and concerns that arise. Fire staff members who do not meet performance and/or behavioral expectations using due process as articulated in the adopted personnel policies. In the case of the Administrative Executive, which includes the Stated Clerk role, the Commission will recommend termination and an interim Stated Clerk candidate to each presbytery for action.