Commission on Permanent Judicial
Class Name Status/Church Phone Email
2022 Vacant      
2022 TE Barbara Tooker Todd HR 712-355-0052 CONTACT EMAIL
2023 RE Darca Boom Clive, Heartland 515-210-5793 CONTACT EMAIL
2023 RE Scott Wood Ankeny 515-964-4006 H CONTACT EMAIL
2024 TE Ken Arentson HR 515-277-4043 H CONTACT EMAIL
2024 RE Mark Powell Dallas Center, First 515-465-4641 CONTACT EMAIL
2024   TE Bill O’Connell   Johnston, St. Paul 515-257-3024 CONTACT EMAIL A Permanent Judicial Commission shall hold only the powers prescribed by the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (USA). The Permanent Judicial Commission fulfills the responsibilities specified by the Book of Order and the Rules of Discipline (D-5.0000). The Permanent Judicial Commission consists of seven members elected in even numbered years for six-year terms. D-5.0102, 5.0103. To begin class rotation, one class shall serve for two, the second class for four years and the third class for six years. Upon expiration of the six-year term, there shall be a lapse of four years before a member may serve another term.