Commission on Ministry
Class Name Status/Church Phone Email
2023 (2) TE Jessica Paulsen Corning, First 712-899-6356 CONTACT EMAIL
2023 (1) TE Kristin Pike Hartford, Community United 515-230-6511 CONTACT EMAIL
2023 (1) TE Meghan Davis-Brass Newton, First 510-681-9082 CONTACT EMAIL
2023 (1) RE Ken Pangburn Corning, First 641-418-2810 CONTACT EMAIL
2023 (1) TE Judy Winkelpleck At-Large 515-314-3164 CONTACT EMAIL
2024 (1) TE Philip Beisswenger Audubon, First 712-292-7766 CONTACT EMAIL
2024 (1) TE Kip Harris Carlisle, Scotch Ridge 515-318-3465 CONTACT EMAIL
2024 (2) TE Randal Lubbers HR 507-317-9814 CONTACT EMAIL
2024 (1) TE Jack DePond HR 641-442-6019 CONTACT EMAIL
2025 (2) TE Rachelle McCalla Atlantic First United 712-250-1409 CONTACT EMAIL
2025 (2) RE Pam Rees West Des Moines Covenant 515-225-9810 H CONTACT EMAIL
2025 (1) RE Lisa Whitmarsh Peterson DM Park Avenue 515-661-9103 CONTACT EMAIL
2025 (1) RE Sue Kimball Indianola Trinity 515-961-2493 CONTACT EMAIL
2025 (1) RE Polk Davison Des Moines Westminster 515-277-0444 CONTACT EMAIL
LC Liaison
Staff TE Ian McMullen Pastor to Presbyteries 515-450-7534 CONTACT EMAIL

Commission on Ministry Responsibilities

13.2.1. The Commission on Ministry consists of 18 teaching elders (ministers) and ruling elders in numbers as nearly equal as possible. The Committee on Nominating will nominate the members of the COM for election by Presbytery and nominate the moderator and vice-moderator of the commission.

13.2.2. The Pastor to the Presbyteries shall serve as a resource for the commission without vote.

13.2.3. The quorum of the commission shall be one-third of its voting members with at least one teaching elder (minister) and one ruling elder.

13.2.4. The commission shall elect a secretary.

13.2.5. The commission shall have an executive committee made up of the Commission moderator, vice-moderator, secretary of the Commission, and the Pastor to the Presbyteries. Duties for this executive committee shall be: to schedule boundaries/ethics training every year and to keep a record of those who have attended such events. to review the terms of call, terms of interim contracts, and terms for commissioned ruling elders annually. to propose to the Commission for recommendation to the Presbytery the minimum terms of call for the next year. to consider confidentially requests for financial assistance for pastors in need.

13.2.6. The Commission’s Responsibilities:

13.2.7. The commission is authorized to act on behalf of Presbytery: to confirm calls issued by churches. to approve and present calls for services of ministers. to approve the examination of and approve membership of Ministers of Word and Sacrament and Commission Ruling Elders transferring from other presbyteries. to dissolve pastoral relationships in cases where the congregation and pastor concur. to grant permission to labor within or outside the bounds of the presbytery; and to dismiss ministers to other presbyteries, with the provision that all such actions will be reported to the next stated meeting of the presbytery.

13.2.8. Commissioned Ruling Elders: The commission shall recommend to Presbytery for approval all actions with regard to commissioning ruling elders.

13.2.9. Members of Presbytery: The commission shall present to the February Stated Meeting of Presbytery an annual review of the terms of call for Ministers of the Word and Sacrament and shall recommend by the May meeting minimum terms of call for the next calendar year.

13.2.10. Administration of the Lord’s Supper: The commission shall report to Presbytery specific elders to administer or preside at the Lord’s Supper for a period of time not to exceed one year.

13.2.11. Membership Categories: The commission shall recommend to Presbytery membership status.

13.2.12. Strategy for Churches: The commission shall consult with churches about strategy relating to matters of pastoral staff, property, resources, and programs and shall recommend or report to Presbytery appropriate changes.

13.2.13. Pension Representative: The Pastor to the Presbyteries shall serve as the Board of Pensions’ Representative, to resource the commission and the presbytery and to coordinate retirement and memorial recognitions of ministers.

13.2.14. Continuing Education and Pastoral Care: The commission shall review regularly the continuing education and personal well-being of Ministers of the Word and Sacrament and Commission Ruling Elders.

13.2.15. The commission shall provide for boundaries/ethics training opportunities every year.

13.2.16. Through its liaisons conduct biennial visits.

13.2.17. Through its liaisons, work with Pastor Nominating Committees to conduct searches for pastoral leadership.