There’s More to This $40,000 Story…

May 8, 2024

In our February 22, 2024, newsletter article, “Blessings and Gratitude,” we shared several pieces of good news about First Arabic Presbyterian Church (FAPC) and its Arabic Outreach Center (AOC). One of these blessings was the announcement of FAPC’s new foundation, generated by a $40,000 gift from the Byron Lesch Memorial Mission Fund of Waterloo, Iowa. FAPC applied for this gift, was accepted, and has taken the appropriate legal steps to set up their new foundation. All details are now in place, and while the principal will not produce revenue for the church for at least two years, interest from the principal will eventually provide stability and support for FAPC’s mission endeavors (through the AOC) for years to come.

The name chosen for FAPC’s foundation – The Liz Knott Memorial Mission Foundation (Liz Knott Foundation) – holds special meaning for those at First Arabic. The Rev. Elizabeth (Liz) Knott, a beloved pastor in the Des Moines Presbytery, was an outspoken proponent of equality for all people. Serving at all levels of the church, from parishes to Synod, she gave generously to and worked tirelessly for those who are marginalized – in our community and around the world. She was a steadfast supporter of First Arabic Presbyterian Church and its Outreach Center, and beloved by many in that congregation. Naming FAPC’s foundation in memory of Liz Knott is a fitting tribute to her outstanding legacy.

Gifts to the Liz Knott Foundation are always welcome. Making a contribution is a meaningful way to remember Liz Knott (or any loved one), as well as a purposeful way to contribute to the ongoing ministry of First Arabic Presbyterian Church, the only refugee/immigrant congregation in our presbytery. For more information, contact Jude Conway, Liz Knott Foundation Treasurer.