FAPC – We Love Our Donors!

Apr 15, 2024

First Arabic Presbyterian Church (FAPC) feels so blessed as churches, church groups and individuals step up to generously support FAPC and its mission efforts through the Arabic Outreach Center.

A big thank you goes to the following groups for their recent gifts: Synod of Lakes & Prairies, Presbytery of Des Moines, Ankeny PC (Ankeny), Covenant PC (West Des Moines), Central PC (Des Moines), United PC (Lennox), First PC (Waterloo), Ana and Martha Circles from Trinity UPC (Indianola), and Eve Circle from Westminster (Des Moines). We are also grateful to St. Paul PC (Johnston) for inviting the Arabic Outreach Center to be part of their Alternative Gift Mart last December. In addition, many individuals have contributed financially to either the church or the Outreach Center, or both in the past year! All these expressions of support are truly appreciated.

If your church is not on this list, please consider sending a gift today. FAPC is beginning its programming for youth – addressing critical needs to help young people succeed despite the challenges they face as children of immigrants/refugees. Arabic-speaking families from Africa and the Middle East encounter many obstacles as they adjust to life in the United States: language barriers, racial prejudice, cultural differences, etc. In addition, these families regularly send money back home to desperate relatives facing famine, violence, and the terrors of war.

The need is great, and your gifts send a powerful message of love and support to those touched by the ministry of First Arabic and the Arabic Outreach Center. Donations may be sent to First Arabic Presbyterian Church, 1050 24th Street, Des Moines, IA 50311 (checks payable to First Arabic Presbyterian Church or the Arabic Outreach Center).