Behold! An Event for Micro-Church Leaders

Feb 7, 2024

Monday – Thursday, March 4-7, 2024
Oklahoma City, OK, at the Bradford House and Westminster Presbyterian Church

Behold! is open to pastors, commissioned ruling elders, and congregation members seeking community for exploration of God’s redemptive work in the church during these rapidly changing times. Whether you’re seeking tools for discernment or a theological undergirding to explore adaptive change . . . whether you’re excited to step into a bold new journey or you’re anxious or grieving (or a bit of all of this), we invite you into a community of committed congregational leaders to wrestle with God’s call upon your congregation and to gather skills and tools for a purposeful response.

Join us as we explore practical tools for discernment and change theory, rooted in our rich biblical tradition of adaptive leadership and a God who is ever reforming us. We will celebrate tender sprouts of ministry, mourn the dry places, and practice recognizing and living into God’s fresh works.

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