Connect with College Students

Feb 5, 2024

Dear Friends,

We are the pastors at First Presbyterian Church, in Brookings South Dakota, home of South Dakota State University.  We know that many young members of YOUR churches are also proud Jackrabbits here in our town.

We understand that the life of a college student doesn’t always allow or encourage regular attendance at church, but if your student is looking for a Presbyterian church where they can visit- whether it is only occasionally or on a regular basis, we are here with open arms.  Our worship services are traditional and our congregation is mostly older, but your students will be welcomed and nurtured- with no guilt and no expectations.

If you would like to share contact information, or would like to encourage your students to share their contact information, we have established a website to do this here.

We would use this information to send students a welcome email and to send invitations when we have fellowship or service opportunities. Students could opt out at any time by replying to the email or text.

Hoping we can support your students!

Robby and Donna Flint, CRE’s
Pastors, First Presbyterian Church, Brookings, South Dakota