New Life for an Old Building

Jan 30, 2024

The building that housed East End Presbyterian in Ottumwa for most of the congregation’s life has a new ministry as a shelter for homeless women and children. It also served as a warming shelter for all in need during the recent frigid weather.

The East End congregation was founded in 1888, and the building was built in 1899. After the congregation closed in 2016, the building sat empty for two years. In 2018 Whatsoever You Do, Inc.®–Wapello County, IA obtained the building from the Presbytery of Des Moines. After years of fundraising, repairs, reconstruction, and otherwise meeting permitting requirements, the space is now being used for the purpose of temporarily housing women and children who are otherwise without shelter. There are some interior pictures on the WHATSOEVER YOU DO, Inc®–Wapello County, IA Facebook page.