It’s Not Too Late to Sign Up for Synod School

Jun 22, 2023

Synod School is a learning and personal enrichment experience for people of all ages. We seek to create an environment of hospitality, healing, and hope . The week is designed for laity and clergy as well as individuals and families with classes and activities for adults, youth, and children.

2023 is the 69th year of Synod School in Iowa. People will come from all over the country with their friends and families to share in this week of worship, study, play, and life together. It is an opportunity to learn something new, to continue conversations begun by keynote speakers with others over meals or a board game, to share talents of creativity and music, to worship without being in charge, to be energized for service, and to enjoy not having to cook for a week.

The theme for Synod School 2023 is “Our Family Story.” As living and breathing entities of Christ, we are each natural storytellers—whether we believe so or not. Each experience we carry is sewn into the tapestry that our ancestors created, and these experiences carry us forward toward relationship and connection with others. Stories from the Bible connect us as children of God. We will share time together learning about the differences between historical, literary and theological “chairs” and why, to fully understand stories from the Bible, we must take time in all three chairs to better know the rich characters and lessons that we have been given. In a time when biblical stories are picked apart to suit a particular message, we will gather and study familiar stories in new ways in hopes of gaining a new closeness with God, and each other.

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