El Salvador Delegations Resume with Trinity Delegation

Sep 20, 2022

After being the first delegation forced to stay home in March of 2020, a mere eleven hours before our plane was to take off, we were finally able to travel to El Salvador from June 27, – July 5, 2022. All of the Pastoral Team and community members have been vaccinated, so in consultation with the Our Sister Parish Board and the Pastoral Team, we received the green light to travel.

We had a very successful trip, including historical sites in San Salvador, a historical massacre site from the Salvadoran Civil War, our sister communities of Casa de Zinc and Casa de Zacate in the Berlin area, the Don Justo Coffee finca, the coffee toasteria, and of course, the Pastoral House with the Pastoral Team where we were so kindly hosted during our visit. There were many emotional reunions with a four-year absence of visits during COVID.

The folks who traveled together for eight days to make this delegation such a success were:
Maurice Dyer, Indianola, Trinity United
Rev. Kip Harris, Carlisle, Scotch Ridge
Mike Bassett, Des Moines, Central
Rev. David Endriss, Indianola, Trinity United
Amgad Beblawi, Presbytery Mission Executive
Betty Dyer, Indianola, Trinity United
Margaret Blair, Indianola, Trinity United
Julie Cherry, Des Moines, Central
Kathy Bassett, volunteer mission co-worker
Anja Waugh, Indianola, Trinity United
Juli Coulthurst, Indianola, Trinity United

If you are interested in becoming active in the Our Sister Parish mission of the Presbytery of Des Moines by taking a delegation, collecting funds for a certain cause, or serving and selling Don Justo Coffee with Dignity, please contact Margaret Blair, moderator – mablair57@gmail.com or 515-491-0356 or Betty Dyer, coffee coordinator – bettydyer2974@gmail.com or 515-971-8406.