Stolee Hired as Office Manager

by | Jul 15, 2021

​Meeting on June 15, the Personnel Commission formalized the hiring of Jeannie Stolee as Office Manager on the shared staff team. The Commission conducted an open search for the position.

In addition to 31 years as a legal assistant, Stolee brings to the work her experience as Administrative Assistant for the Presbyteries of Prospect Hill and North Central Iowa, along with a strong sense of call. She is currently serving as Transitional Office Administrator for all three presbyteries. 

Stolee will start in the long-term position of Office Manager on July 1. She will continue to work out of the Lakeshore Center near Milford, IA. Though the Commission has adopted a remote/virtual office model for its executives, it maintains a physical office space at the Lakeshore Center.  When you call or send an email to the presbytery office, Jeannie Stolee is the person who will be taking your call or receiving your message.

Personnel Commission adopts key policies

New personnel and financial policies were adopted by the Personnel Commission at its June 15 meeting. The policies will apply to the shared staff of the three presbyteries and to the shared budget.

Drafting teams from the Commission consulted model policies and sought input from staff as they developed suites of policies for each area. They then submitted drafts to the whole Commission and made revisions based on questions and suggestions received.

Tasked with developing both personnel and financial policies at its first meeting on January 7 of this year, the Commission marked the completion of that work with thanks and smiles.

Other Commission News

The Personnel Commission added Juneteenth, the newest federal holiday, to the list of paid holidays in its new personnel policies.

The Commission extended through the end of this year its contract with Karen Kaiser for accounting services related to the shared budget.