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Tuesday, 29 August 2017 11:34

Music Director Opening - Ankeny Presbyterian Church


The Music Director will lead and direct the church choir and lead the congregation in song.  The Director will have strong leadership and communication skills, be firm and creative, able to motivate and inspire the group, making a vocal performance stand out.  This position requires the skills to create a unified choral body, which seeks to glorify God through music.  The APC Music Director is a part-time position requiring up to eight hours a week.


  • Degree in music/choral conducting preferred.
  • Experience in choral directing strongly preferred.
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills required.
  • Ability to work in a team environment required.
  • Knowledge of a variety of musical styles with proficiency in teaching those to the choir preferred.
  • A heart for worship and dedication to Jesus Christ.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Direct the Adult Choir.
  • Organize, plan, implement and communicate scheduled rehearsals of the choir.
  • Maintain a schedule of music to ensure adequate preparation time.
  • Coordinate musicians and ensembles and facilitate their integration into a quality worship experience.
  • Consult with the Pastor and/or Worship Team regarding special events or future worship themes.
  • Collaborate with Pastor and Worship Team to organize at least two special music worship experiences annually.
  • Actively assist with worship services by recruiting choir members and consulting with Pastor and Worship Ministry regarding music needs.
  • Organize and maintain the choral music library.
  • Submit an annual budget for requested music to Worship Ministry.
  • Arrange for piano tuning as needed.
  • Arrange for or personally provide vocal leadership during all worship services.
  • Attend Worship Team Meetings.     
  • Keep informed on current music methods, materials, promotions, and administration, utilizing them where appropriate.
  • Coordinate the summer special music schedule.

 Terms of Employment

Salary, holidays, vacation time, and other issues pertaining to employment will be in accordance with the Personnel Policy section of the Administrative Operations Manual and letter of hire.

Pastor Eric Pasanchin

Ankeny Presbyterian Church
317 SE Trilein Drive
Ankeny IA 50021
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