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Have Questions Pertaining to Your Congregation But Don't Know Who to Ask? Call MOM

MOM is short for the Presbytery of Des Moines’ Moderator of Moderators, better known as Rev. David Endriss. David is the first to admit he does not have all the answers. But he does know where to get them!

Working with him, as Moderator of Moderators, are moderators of four different Congregational Task Force Teams:

  • The Congregational Health Task Force
  • The Congregational Transition Task Force and
  • The Church Professional Task Force
  • The Congregational Reconciliation Task Force

If you have a question about continuing education opportunities or how to work with Sessions/PNC in creating terms of a call, for instance, MOM (David Endriss) should be your first call – 515-961-6231. With the help of the appropriate task force moderator, your question will be answered quickly.

Here’s a more in-depth look at what types of questions each Moderator and Task Force might handle:


  • Deal with difficulties within congregations as they arise
  • Mediate conflict between Sessions, Congregations, and Teaching Elders
  • Make requests to the Presbytery Leadership Council for Administrative Commissions when warranted
  • Counsel with Sessions and Congregations regarding inappropriate conduct
  • Counsel with Teaching Elders regarding inappropriate conduct
  • Make referrals to the Presbytery Pastors
  • Make recommendations in regards to dissolution of relationships


  • Conduct biennial visits with congregations
  • Contact churches every month for update and determine how each church is doing
  • Refer specific needs and concerns to the appropriate task force or other Presbytery groups
  • Administer, coordinate and evaluate special funds requests for mission projects for the Presbytery
  • Meet with the Teaching Elder or Commissioned Ruling Elder at least once a year or upon request


  • Approve terms of dissolution between Teaching Elders and congregations
  • Work with Sessions as they determine next steps when Teaching Elder transitions
  • Work with Session/PNC in creating appropriate CIF and/or job description
  • Work with Session/PNC in creating terms of call
  • Assist Session/PNC in interview process. Oversee equal opportunity employment action and interviewing of candidates
  • Debrief search committees
  • Hold exit interviews with person leaving positions


  • Approve individuals seeking to be on the Pulpit Supply List for the Presbytery
  • Approve individuals seeking to transfer members to the Presbytery but not accepting a call
  • Identify and organize continuing education opportunities for church professionals
  • Make recommendations to the Presbytery in regards to annual compensation for Teaching Elders and Certified Christian Educators including minimum standards
  • Conduct annual compensation package surveys for other church professionals to be shared with the Presbytery and personnel committees
  • Review and approve validated ministries, members-at-large, and Certified Christian Educators

David Endriss
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