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Don Justo Coffee with Dignity

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you may find us here. 

Coffee from El Salvador

El Salvador is a small, mountainous country in Central America with a reputation for hard working citizens. By combining a strong work ethic with near perfect coffee growing conditions, El Salvador’s farms have supported their communities while growing excellent coffee. But current coffee trading practices can come between farmers and you. Each year exporters, brokers, creditors, and processors take a larger share of coffee proceeds, leaving farmers and El Salvador’s communities with less than 10¢ of every dollar. But there is an alternative.

Fairly Traded

Coffee sold through Don Justo meets and exceeds internationally recognized fair trade standards; standards that balance inequities found in the conventional coffee trade. Fair trade standards more than triple the income of Salvadoran farmers who grow, harvest, and process this exceptional coffee. This additional income provides access to a host of social services such as education, medical care, public transportation, and recreation facilities. Farm families are also guaranteed adequate housing and access to clean water.

Sustainable Farming

While coffee farming can be particularly trying to the local environment, it doesn’t have to be. Coffee plants need to be grown in high altitudes with warm days and cool nights. This usually means on steep hillsides where erosion and chemical runoff is likely. By using a combination of traditional and modern farming methods, farmers who sell coffee through this project protect their soil and water.

Forty-two hundred feet above sea level, the traditional shade grown method of coffee farming is practiced. Coffee is planted in the shade of fruit trees and taller trees. These trees prevent erosion while providing protection for coffee plants, food and wood for families, and shelter to birds and wildlife.

Farmers also use organic methods to protect the environment. Instead of using chemical fertilizers, they take advantage of the natural fertility of the coffee cherry. Once the beans are extracted from the fruit of the coffee plant, the remaining pulp is used to fertilize plants the following season. This natural process protects the health of the soil as well as neighboring creeks and rivers, while maintaining balance between soil, plants, and animals.

Local Development

The Don Justo Coffee with Dignity project was started in 2002 with the specific reason of raising funds for the Our Sister Parish mission of the Presbytery of Des Moines.  So, this is not a new project and one that remains very successful.  We currently have over 30 churches serving Don Justo exclusively.  

Buying coffee through this project also promotes sustainable community and economic development, with a large portion of proceeds going to projects designed and organized by local residents and the Pastoral Team.  For each pound of Don Justo coffee purchased, the funds received are divided into the following 3 categories:

  • 33.5% to the local economy for growing, harvesting, processing, roasting, grinding, and bagging

  • 37.2% for administrative and supply costs for things like bags, labels, flavor oils, and shipping

  • 29.3% to the Pastoral Team to fund local social and economic development projects

This means that 62.8% of each $1 is returned to the local economy in the Berlín, Usulután, El Salvador area.

Roasts & Flavors

Coffee roasts available in both ground and whole bean are:
Regular: Medium Roast, Dark Roast and French Roast
Decaffeinated: Medium Roast and Dark Roast

Flavored coffee available in ground and whole bean:  Snickeroo  
Flavored coffee available in ground only:  Mocha, Mocha Mint & Amaretto 

To order coffee anytime or to receive more information about the Don Justo Coffee with Dignity project, contact Coffee Co-Coordinators Betty & Maurice Dyer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


donjustoSupport Our Sister Parish mission by buying delicious Don Justo Coffee with Dignity.





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Fri Mar 02 @10:00AM -
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donjustoSupport Our Sister Parish mission by buying delicious Don Justo Coffee with Dignity.





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