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Pastoral Team

In this picture you will see:  
Front row: Idalia, Blanca, Cecilia, Jesus and Margarita
Back row: Alejandro, Imelda and Balmore

The Pastoral Team consists of three full-time volunteers: Cecilia, Blanca, and Idalia from Caserío Alejandría. Other Team members include: Balmore and Jesús, Delegates of the Word who are also from Caserío Alejandría, and Margarita, Imelda, and Alejandro.

Their responsibilities include organization and education for community leadership, project facilitation between the church partnerships and the communities, financial management for projects, and managing other basic requests for health, education, food, and clothing that come to the Pastoral House every day.

If you would like to make a donation in support of the Pastoral Team, please click here.  You may make a donation to El Salvador - Designated Funds and list the Pastoral Team as your designated cause.