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Wednesday, January 30 2013

Sudanese Immigrant Problems

Written by  Goanar Chol
From Rev. Goanar Chol...

The Sudanese are happy in Des Moines and have been worshipping as an interdenominational group which is something unique in this city.

Recently, some of the young Sudanese who were brought as children have faced issues with immigration for things that are minor violations to the law. They should know better.

They speak English very well but are deceived by staying with the majority kids who do not have immigration issues.

One kid who was found trying to feed on his dead mom during the war in South Sudan has been in deep problems because of such minor violations. This landed him in jail. He was almost expelled to South Sudan, the country he does not know. His documents, including is driver’s license, were taken from him and he was mistaken for an illegal immigrant.

He reported to me recently that the documents were destroyed and his defense lawyer abandoned him. He was asked to reapply but he has no picture identification.

He cannot claim even his lost Social Security card even though he has the copy. 

The question is how could we help him now? Batul and I took him in since he is virtually homeless now. I am trying to raise awareness of this with some good hearted members of any congregation. The Presbytery of Des Moines churches can do something about this. There are a number of these people who need our help.
Goanar Chol

Goanar Chol

Sudanese Ministries Resource Person

c/o Cottage Grove Avenue Presbyterian Church

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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